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The Brana Sales Tracking System is a comprehensive and efficient system for all types of wholesale businesses. Easy to use, easy to
setup and easy to customize!


This system is designed to manage all aspects of workflow for businesses that sell their items wholesale to multiple retail outlets. With this system, you can:

Create, edit, maintain, customer information
Manage product reps and create one-click, seamless commission statements
Set multiple pricing tiers and assign tiers to customers
Run a variety of one-click reports including:

*      Customer List

*      Sales By State

*      Sales By Product

*      Sales By Month

*      Items needed to fill open orders

*      Reorder reminder



*      Access from anywhere! As long as you have the internet, Brana Sales Tracking System goes wherever you go.

*      All of your data is backed up. Youíll never lose your information.

*      Go paperless. No need to save all of that clutter. All of your data is stored in one safe and secure online location.

*      You donít need to be computer savvy! The interface is intuitive allowing you to easily add, edit and delete your customers, products, and orders.

*      Different levels of access: Full Edit or View Only


Tracking System Dashboard





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